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Wieland on Sep 15 2017



Sep 15 2017




Jungs: Kruse, Ralle, ß, Wieland, Tigge, Flo
Mädels: Maren, Esther

Hey teams,

a couple of questions came up and I will answer them for all of you as you might find the information useful!


You have the possibility to sleep in a school gym. This is included in your player's and team fee and definitely the cheapest option. You will also get breakfast at the school. That place is here:

In recent years we had one large gym for "everybody" and a smaller quiet gym for families and Endzonis staff who have to get up before 6am to prepare your breakfast. We will most likely keep it that way. But be aware that there could always be someone coming in noisily in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any classrooms or something similar private.

Camping at the beach is not allowed. I am not sure how strict the policy is but I would definitely not recommend putting up a tent on the beach. It wouldn't be very safe either to leave it unaccompanied when your whole team leaves for the party. There is a camping site in Markgrafenheide ( ) but you would have to take a ferry to get there and it does not operate at night.

The (probably) cheapest hostels in Warnemünde itself (10 - 20 minutes walk from the fields) are the Dock Inn and the youth hostel . There are plenty of options in Rostock but they would require you to take the train or even a taxi back after the party (if you don't make it until 4am ;)), for example . That one is located right next to a train station on the way to the beach but not much else going on there ;) If you have any more questions or preferences for cheap or luxurious housing during the tournament, let me know. If you are looking for small private apartments to rent for the weekend, they might be a bit expensive in Warnemünde.

For all of you who have been to SOTB: The saturday night party will not be at the school this year but in close walking distance ( ). However, please keep the volume down at night to not piss off neighbours or people trying to sleep.


Since that came up with an international team last year: I do not recommend taking a plane to Rostock. It will be cheapest to go to Hamburg or Berlin first and then take a train or bus to Rostock. From Hamburg airport you can take a S-Bahn to the main station and a regional train for 39€ for 5 persons using this ticket:

Pickup players:
For a female pickup, contact kevin(at)ultimateperformance(dot)de
For a male pickup player, contact henryfahl(at)googlemail(dot)com

For the Berlin teams:
Wer kann Immo auf dem Rückweg mitnehmen? Meldet euch bitte bei immoprenzel(at)gmail(dot)com

Got any more questions? Feel free to ask, I'm happy to answer them. I will try and also answer the yet unanswered questions you sent me ;)

Looking forward to seeing all of you!



Sep 11 2017


Anreise: eine Idee war Flos Auto plus ein Mietwagen. Das sollte für und 9 Göttinger reichen